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Business Start ups

We love it when someone contacts us to arrange a meeting to discuss a business they are about to start.

We really are the business start up experts due to our experience in this area and we offer a range of services tailored towards budding entrepreneurs. These range from determining whether to trade as a sole trader, partnership or company, through to registering you for all the appropriate taxes providing you with compliance.

What we feel we offer though, and which we have seen to be invaluable, is that we will talk through your business idea in depth with you. There have been several occasions when a potential client has walked into our office with what they believe to be a great business idea. However, after sitting down with us and discussing the idea, it has soon become apparent that the figures do not stack up and the business is not financially viable. There have been several instances where this has saved thousands of pounds of life savings from being ploughed into a business that has no chance of being a success.

We will always be honest and give our expert opinion not just the answer the client wants to hear.

However, one of the most satisfying aspects of our work is being involved in businesses from the start where we have seen business ideas become reality and evolve into highly successful businesses.

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