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VAT can be one of the most complex tax regimes that is put upon a business. Without proper planning and systems in place, many businesses mistakenly overpay or underpay VAT.

The thought of completing a VAT return sends shivers down the spine of many business owners.

The reality is that as long as the correct systems and procedures are in place, it doesn’t have to be that strenuous.

Our VAT service begins with providing expert advice and one of the first areas we deal with in new businesses is addressing whether they should be registered for VAT. For established businesses, there may be further questions such as the administration side of things and are we on the correct scheme for VAT?

Our VAT service includes the following:

  • registering your business for VAT
  • assessing whether you are on the correct scheme
  • VAT planning and administration
  • completing and submitting VAT returns
  • reconciling VAT and system analysis
  • dealing and the resolution of any disputes with HMRC.

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